About the Author

My name is LeRosa Leigh (pen name). I have lived in the Midwest in the U.S. all my life. I was a full-time mother, housekeeper, cook, and gardener for the first 24 years after getting married. When my youngest children were in the upper grades, I began working part-time. To sum it up: I am an ordinary person who lived and is living an ordinary life. My life changed quite a bit internally, though, after having a profound spiritual experience at age 45. I was strongly drawn to spend time in prayer, reading the Bible, and writing my thoughts about Scripture verses that caught my attention. A charismatic friend of mine received a message from the Holy Spirit for me that I was to begin writing down the thoughts that would come to mind during my prayer time. That is how this book was “born” (with more to follow). I am still just an ordinary person who was willing to do what life, God, asked of me. As you probably guess, I have been greatly blessed in the process. I experience some dark days, but overall I am happy and thankful for how my life has gone. That is a great blessing! Peace!